Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not exactly

Not exactly how I had planned the weekend to go, but it was uber fun just the same.

Friday afternoon after spending 5hrs undecidedly in a bookstore I thought I wanted to cook. Cinnamon Apple stuffing rolled to perfection in a hammered flat pork sheet. Or I guess you could call it a stuffed pork loin. I made the food knowing that I was going to share a meal in Toga-town with DK Lil Mac & Ollie. As tempting as it was to scarf it all down I stuck to my guns and headed to the Lighthouse.

The win a free membership to the mugclub situation quickly deteriorated. 120 stainless steel intricately designed steins....2yr waiting list to join in the fun. Conner and I were a bit dumbfounded. So what's a guy to do.... "to hell with mugs of beer" I said and washed a tasty meal down with a face full of martinis. Met a little Betty, her name was Betty, a professor at Skidmore, talk about no strangers in life only friends you haven't met yet. I learned that they'll soon be posting a job that I'm completely qualified for, which may have the opportunity to teach some intro level color theory and principles of aesthetics and design. (101 for the masses with Shagz VonTeachinShite at the helm.) Betty was a bit under the influence, it happens when you weigh 85lbs and you're 70. Conner had the calamari, and a buffalo chicken salad, I chowed down the chicken quesadilla. All of it was awesome. I went for the quesadilla more due to the fact that a steak would have ran me 40bones as opposed to the culinary craving for quesadilla. After a few extra cocktails I snagged a ride home and continued the imbibing whilst watching the same old movies I find myself gravitating towards. The Holy Grail is twice as funny when you are just a bit tipsy and can advanced line the whole thing.

Saturday I shook off a hangover of the gods and rolled out of the rack at 2:30pm finished some more fixin's for dinner and carted the meal off to Toga town. It was super awesome to veg out and chill with the DK Lil Mac & Ollie. Tons more fun even than getting shit faced sitting at a bar drinking straight booze in fancy glasses and forgetting my name for a few hours. If I called you I apologize I did some serious drunken dialing. definitely have to do that more often.

I hooked up the cable in my place to get the basic channels via air wave and actually caught some Football today. The first two games of the last three years on the tube. TV is crack.

Now I'm back at the old orafice, and only have one day off in the next 13. Bully for me. I love this shit. Can't wait to get laidoff.

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