Sunday, November 16, 2008

I got nuthin'

Nothing to post here move along.

Spent time with the bro, sis, and nephew on Friday...
...worked last evening. Although I thoroughly enjoy working the vampire shift, being ultimately responsible for the only product the company produces with respect to specific deadlines and uber correctness, there are a myriad of other things that I could imagine would be infinitely more pleasurable than doing just that on a non-scheduled night, more specifically a Saturday night. I guess that's the way it works though. Co-workers that have amassed 14weeks of vacation between them like to have their holiday seasons to use said vacation. I work around using the 2weeks I get pretty easily. Since the holidays are upon us, I now don't really have my regular schedule. I get shifted back and forth to cover the time that the others are away. SO, my irregular regular hours are now, whenever they need me regardless of week day or weekend, and anytime between 4pm and 5am. Most shifts are 10hrs but the eventuality of a problem arising and having to stay later than penciled in is always a looming threat. ( I can dig it, it'll allow me to take that random F-in Wednesday evening off sometime, cuz I haven't had a Wednesday evening off in 3yrs ) I always missed that random Wednesday, Wednesdays rock, not that anyone will be around, and I'll probably sit on my couch catatonically staring at the walls, but hey it's Wednesday riiiight? I'll gladly trade a Wednesday for a Saturday.... seriously LOOK AT ME, I LOVE IT!

Exuding sarcasm like a heavy stinking sweat

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