Friday, November 21, 2008

Like a first kiss

Out on a date, your wedding, or what have you... the first kiss. You remember it, no matter how many first kisses you've had you can remember each and everyone. Nostalgia tends to take you back to the exact moment and you get lost in the moment again. Unless of course it was a sloppy nasty I can't believe that just happened kiss in a club with some sasquatch of a wookie. You still remember though....

I have a love hate relationship with the printing plates at work mostly hate, and every-so-often I get a little nick, scratch or a gaping wound that needs stitches. It's the latter that are like a first kiss I remember them all. I got kissed again not 15minutes ago.

This brings the 3yr battle/war/on-going struggle/game/match/contest a little closer but not to the point of the plates catching up that much:

The Score: Plates 9 ______ Shaggybob 46,822 (guesstimated, using the law of averages and stuff)

I remember the 9 distinctly, infact I've ruined clothing, bloodied the floor, cursed under my breath, swore out loud, and generally became a blastpheming mother hating F-bomb of an individual. My kiss tonight was on my right index finger, straight across perpendicularly and to the bone, between the first knuckle and back of my hand. A laceration over an inch long and only wide enough to squirt out hemo attempting to thoroughly saturate the equivalent of 17 paper towels. I won't be using my index finger for a couple of weeks. It's definitely going to leave a nice scar.

A scar which will someday lead me to converse with a little lady and get me a first kiss; If she digs scars, in which case I'll show her the others and it'll lead to something more lucrative. (wink wink nudge nudge nothing to see here).

I'm surfin my couch for the next two days, shoot me a ring if you get bored. I'll be "nursing my wound" with some Tangueray.

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