Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bizarro World

I've had the strangest day.

It all started when I returned home after work yesturday at 3am. I went through all my rituals of getting ready for bed, and decided a nice cup of green tea would do me just fine. I walked into my kitchen to find that the window had been busted out and there were footprints leading from the sill into my place. (WTF) me thinks to myself as I immediately dialed the SCHoPo. The Police said there was nothing they could do, and the landlord was incredibly efficient with the emergency replacement of the broken bits. I don't know if it was the fact that i was uncomfortable knowin that someone was in my place, or that they didn't seem to take anything. I don't own the best things in life, but if you're going to take the time to break into my place take something so that I don't feel as though I own nothing of value. That was the 1st thing o importance in my day that threw me off.

This afternoon I went to the super market to pick up some foods and thought I had some great deals, until I got to the checkout and the person looked over the value items and charged full price. I was a bit upset although I had just cashed my paycheck (Colleen the teller chatted me up and gave me a wad of cash, happy man) and didn't bother to make a scene.

On my way to work, I was rolling down the Blvd, and a Cadillac was weaving through traffic, until he cut me off and stomped on his breaks. The flicker of roadrage was snuffed out when I witnessed this jackass's rear hubcap fly off into oncoming traffic and get vaporized by a city Bus.

So I had my place broken into, I was over charged for groceries, and I almost got road rage. Now I'm sitting at work, and the Ad design Super-supervisor sent around a memo that stated when we design Ads for the paper, we aren't to use the fonts Times, and Palatino, the two best looking fonts that are reproducable in news media. Huh?

I'm going to blow something up, not to sure when, I'll keep you all posted...I RECOMMEND THAT YOU BUY REALLY DARK SUNGLASSES when I send the countdown, don the shades and look toward the Dirt to witness the mushroom cloud.

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