Monday, November 27, 2006

Counting for Kicks

When I first moved to the Dirt ( Shenecadirt) I found it just a bit of a new world that I wasn't accustomed too and saw some things that made me cringe. Last March, I decided that I would dutifully count the number of drug deals I happened to witness throughout my travels in the city. When I reached 32 I decided to stop and find something more interesting to take up as a hobby.
Today while purchasing bread, at a local convenience store I saw yet another monkey "drug dealer" muff up a transaction...basically spilling crack baggies from his pockets to the ground and nonchalantly pick them up to continue his biznass. Since I don't get out much..and when I do, I seem to be in the perfect area no matter where it is to witness such happenings I've decided to continue my counting. Today we'll call it 33. Not by any means a nice round figure, at least it's not 333. I'm sure I'll count that high later in the year.
Updated 33 drug deals and T-minus 5months until I get the "F" out of this dump of a city and into the country somewhere. I can't wait to count road kill instead of the dealings of the scourge of society. I'd rather smell decomp than homeless anyday.
"Mugs"...the apartment complex dealer has been away for the holiday but I assume when he returns he'll be slinging rocks by his favorite dumpster once again ( incidently, the's within plain view of the Police Headquarters; that's classic).
I won't be counting times that I've seen friends or acquaintances buy or sell weed, only the random shiite I see on the mean streets. ( Insert vigilante crime scene music and I should probably buy a digital camera for documentation.) Yo, copper look what I gots! or not!?


Kate said...

I think it's sweet and loyal that you're not including friends and acquaintances in your running count. Not to mention it'll help you KEEP those friends and acquaintances for the day when you finally go screamingly painfully insane and need a little sumthin-sumthin to take the edge off.

Shaggy Bob said...

: )