Monday, November 20, 2006

Today's Randomness

Todays randomness is brought to you by Subway 12inch subs, the word esurient • \ih-SUR-ee-unt\ • adjective
: hungry, greedy, and the number 2.

Two large sadwiches makes it impossible to finish either. The reason being...Lunch Meat; everyone has been so hungry at one point that they stack a huge sandwich and inevitably get to the last bite, the nauscious bite, the last little bit of meat that turns your stomach, having just consumed an entire's the last little bit that turns your insides into a knot. Some of us push through the pain..others can't. Today I'm not a doer...I sallied out. I threw out a sandwich bite that could have fed Starvin' Marvin somewhere, what a Jerk I am. Tommorrow to make amends I'm not eating any chocolate covered expresso beans, or drinking any Kopi Luak, and I'll be damned if I cook with Saffron tommorrow I can tell you that much.

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