Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First post

I guess the first posting to such a venue should be somewhat humble and to the point, creating a pseudo-personality for yourself so that it entices others to view your ramblings and make coments. I; being comparatively computer illiterate, will only begin by randomness and frivality.

There nothing that screams I want to regress to my college days louder than being dragged behind a speeding truck at 40mph, on a snow tube....holding onto a tow rope.....for the 10th pass. Thanks for driving Solo.

There's only one discernable difference in the thought process of men and women...(A guy saying "It's not going to suck itself) will ultimately get turned away by numerous members of the opposite sex...(A woman saying "it's not going to lick itself) will ultimately get numerous members of the opposite sex turned toward her.

If you are wearing a Rolex, and have platinum grills...there's no reason to be using a food stamp card in the super market.

If you're the meth-head that sat in the middle of the intersection of Union St. and Erie Blvd. half naked playing your stringless guitar screaming at your sketchy lady while getting man handled by thoe 6 police officers.. MORE POWER TO YOU, I hope you got help..or plan another concert " Thanks my good man that was hilarity incarnate." 2months later I still get a kick out of driving under the bridge.

Sleeping all day and working nights puts a damper on the social life...unless you play a stringless guitar.

tommorrow is another day and perhaps somethng unexciting will spark my interest and a second post will be forthcoming.


Mike said...

I always thought your writings on your unique take of life were interesting and should be published. Keep working on it.

Coren said...

You're definatly a strange one.
Welcome aboard!