Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Today's Randomness

Today was brought to you by: A highly paid editor that missed a typo in the headline on the front page of the paper, the word cerulean • \suh-ROO-lee-un\ • adjective: resembling the blue of the sky, and the number 27. ( equal to the time it took me to remake the plates for the presses after I caught his mistake, 27 minutes "again" that It had previously took to make the plates in the first place).
When your "job" is to check for typos and make sure your 3 pages in the paper are in order ?! How in the name of Go Fuck Yourself? can you miss the largest print on the front page? Not only that, but misspell the word FACE. I don't know what type of keyboard he was using...but on my keyboard the letter "P" is no where near F, A, C, or E.
If you haven't guessed I wanted to kick him in the fapce for making the mistake.

1 comment:

Monstu said...

Boo highly paid editors that miss typos in headlines on the fornt page and cost you 27 mins.

Hooray beer!!