Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The great Chasm of SAR

I had the opportunity today to meet a person that made it on the top 10 list of most personable people I have ever met. I entered the 1st floor elevator just before the door closed, and there was a woman there frantically pressing the close-door button. I don't consider myself some crazy comic book super-villian looking person, and I doubt that I'm very imposing. We'll just have to see about that won't we!?

I being the anti-social person I am thought twice about it, then decided to be friendly. I said hello, (no response) after one floor of complete akwardness, I asked how her evening was going. "how's the evening treating you?". Upon my second attempt at civilized elevator banter, this little old bitty turned toward the side wall of the elevator looking in the opposite direction from where I was standing. At that point I believe she felt that I was again going to attempt to be sociable ( she was right...I had just started to ask another benign question) and she stepped closer to the wall. She basically regulated herself into the "time-out" position invading the wall's personal space until the door opened and she scurried off toward her office. I then wished her a happy evening. "Have a great evening!"

I don't know her name, we didn't get that far in our silent interaction..but I've definitely decided that she's made it onto the list. Little Old Bitty Scurryfoot is officially number 73 on the Shaggy Bob top ten list of most personable people I've ever met. Congradulations!!! Kudos!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! ( <= tosses confetti in the air and lights fireworks.)

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