Sunday, April 13, 2008

Constuctive weekends

Having a weekend where something other than liver damage happens seems to me to be a good thing. I helped my bro do some projects to his house that was similar in happening to when Kate decided that she was going to renovate her kitchen while the hubby was away. ( Sorry no link, I'm not inatrwebb savvy enough to get it there). The sis-in-law was away at a conference and I was invited to partake in the "While you were out" edition of renovation/ rejuvination. I was primed and ready for painting, I'm not allowed to use power tools by decree of the TEP-LPE fraternity bi-laws, and now of course my family, I'm not good with electrical wiring unless it's the receiving end of a taser, and generally banging nails would leave holes in a wall at my hands. I can however, paint. Tape it, roll it, trim it, edge it, retape it, edge it, re-edge it, paint it, brush it, sponge it, roll it..... remove tape and viola!, painted wee one's room. It was baby colored so I didn't get to throw abstraction into it, but an even coat of paint goes a long way for making a place look presentable for a new arrival. Goodtimes.

Todays Randomness is brought to you by, Spring weather SWAT teams, the word hibernaculum • \hy-ber-NAK-yuh-lum\ • noun : a shelter occupied during the winter by a dormant animal (as an insect or reptile), and the number 3 ( the number of times in the past week that the Schnectadirt SWAT team did some spring cleaning and defuming a la tear gas).

Tax season is here and I'm getting a whopping return (no sarcasm) I'm trying to decide how to spend it and have two options as of right now, new specs and a a new truck. Given the extent of the governmental "here's your cash" I may be able to pull them both off. Although I'm leaning toward the new prescription first so as to better see the vehicle that I pine for. {And even if it's a cheaper option I'll never buy a car/truck/SUV that is urine yellow}..... we'll see how far I get with the cash in the up coming weeks.

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