Thursday, April 17, 2008

Todays Randomness

The nightside has a gentleman, a fitness guru - that works the swing between late afternooner and the night shift. The dude's active, and hopefully when I'm his age I'll be stacked up like he is. Periodically there are magazines about lifting and fitness to peruse when waiting, say, for the slow ass computers here to complete a scan or something of that sort. I was flipping through one of said magazines and thumbed to a page with a great image of a scantily clad fitness betty, it was overtoned in reds, oranges and yellows (H-o-t => Capital H). She was practically naked covered only by other portions of the advertisement. I oggled for a bit then realized what the advert was selling.......

Todays randomness is brought to you by Muscular Development Magazine, the word Ejaculoid. n. apparently a suppliment that gargantuan body builders take that leads to: Boost in Libido, #1 "Sperm" Volumizer, Bigger and Better Orgasms. And the number 2 MILLION BeaTCH ERRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr!! AAAaaaaaaaahgggrrrrgh (Now "come on back" here to this side of the room, wipe that stuff off your entire body and I'll bench press you goodnight.)

I'm all for people being fit; if that's your thing so beit, although I personally believe it's getting a bit out of control when you have a bicep that is the size of "My" waist. I only say this because I'm probably the gangliest, gooniest, ultra skin-n-bones wimp that another zombie could ever love. These guys are bench pressing 4 Shaggys for a warm up, and I have a difficult time dragging my own ass out of bed in the afternoon.

Goliath Labs has all the loids for a complete undercarriage overhaul.


Grunting and excessive mirror time not included.

See You Next Sunday.....

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