Monday, April 7, 2008


So, Friday and Saturday I get to use Power tools and huff paint fumes in the quest to deliver a suitable place for the Bro & sis-inlaws' wee one to live-in when he/she arrives in August. I can't wait... Something to do on a weekend that will be constructive as opposed to my virile ability to wreak havok on me, myself, and I.

All I have to do is make it through the short week and I'm golden.... I guess that' easier said than done. I felt like canceling the paper today after I rolled out of bed and looked at the sunshine. (I think I need some new running shoes, and one of those eat healthy pyramid charts, or a juicer that can make healthy liquid refreshment.) I guess now that I look back at what I just typed that may not be a good idea... I doubt hotdog juice would be anywhere near tasty, but i do know it would be on tap at least once.

welcome to my head..... power-tools and hotdog juice. Where have all the years gone?


Monstu said...

Beware the circular saw!!!

Willem said...

Nothing like a nice tepid glass of weiner juice...