Sunday, April 20, 2008


Sometimes you have to let the big dog eat. (that's me minus the pimp golfing gear, right after this shot a helicopter landed and was under the impression that my legs were a distress call via signal mirror)

I got out for a little stick whackin' this weekend and the chasing of little dimpled white balls still has its allure. It was a beautiful day, breezy yet warm, not melt your face warm, but comfortable. I didn't shoot too poorly (meaning I came away from the outing with just as many golf balls as I started with.) The score really shouldn't matter being that it was the first trip of the year, but I did shoot my best score EVAR! Technical golfing is for the pros, I prefer imbibing to work my way to a more relaxed and spiritual golf game. I only let Mr. Shanky eat once, but man-o-man does he put some thunder in the balls ass. It feels good to know that you can smash a golf ball 275yds and never have it clear a ceiling of 20ft prior to when it breaks the sound barrier. The only problem I had was with the sun. It doesn't like me even though I was wearing SPF SweatSuit.

I don't think I'll be able to get the funtruck prepped for the road the next couple of weeks while the bank account rejuvenates itself. Damn, being able to see and whatnot. I picked out some new specs and hopefully the prescription will be ready prior to the upcoming weekend.

Happy B-Day to Arls he turns the big 3.0. today.......


Willem said...

Well my friend, I am jealous! I will be hitting the links sometime in late May once school is done. We should meet up a few times this summer and play/drink a few rounds.

Shaggy Bob said...

I'm In!! I promise to not bring the pasty white boy though...hopefully I'll tan a bit. (And if not, I'm just going to have to stand where the glare will impede your performance.)