Sunday, April 27, 2008

Survived another weekend

No matter how good an idea sounds, if it involves Scotch and a fairly late evening, it's probably better to fore go the neat three fingers and stick to something that won't precipitate sleeping until 4pm the next day. (I shouldn't complain thanx fer the happy hour company Ray and Waldo). I really didn't accomplish much, but had a grand weekend.

I finally got around to refilling the pantry, so.... bonus Bob's Cookin Show for a few weeks.

Cant wait to meet up with the old highschool buds this weekend and play some golf, run around with their kids and generally catch up. The Funtruck Booze Cruz will be taking flight to the greater metro-Syracuse area on Friday. May have to stop in around Armory Square and get stupid...

As always if you're in the area hit the cel.

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