Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Living expenses

Don't you just love it when you have to put up or shut up. My lease at the Oasis runs out at the end of next month, and I've been notified in writing that I need to make the decision 30days in advance and notify the proper people involved. May 25th is the deadline for my out/stay. I was given the written information along with another lease agreement should I go down that road. The only problem is that the new agreement has for various unknown reasons been jacked up. Jacked to the point of I may be borderline broke. (Not that there's anything wrong with that) The paperwork was dropped infront of my door this afternoon by one of the plentiful maintenance workers and it was dated two weeks ago. Two weeks to make a decision that now has to be made by Friday.

It's not that I don't look around for apartments. I'm always trying to find something better that's the way life works. Apartment/job/breakfast cereal... there's always an upgrade. Now, though I'm feeling the pressure to either tighten my budget, or find a place to live. It would be easy to get a place in the 'Dirt, easy enough that I decided that I needed to move out of the 'Dirt, (rent it, have it broken into, sleep with a baseball bat, move, repeat X3 goodness). In my quest for the quintessential step up, I've made the conscious decision not to take a step back. Work for more pay, live in a better place, drive the parts off the truck and then upgrade.... fruits and vegetables, that sort of thing. Moving out would shatter my funds, cause havok with my stuff. I lean toward stay, but I'd really like to move north a bit and get my toga on.

It's obvious that the property manager has some slyness going on, where at they either, back dated, or purposely held the documents so that I would be pressured to stay. => insert Rant, Rant, Rant. It doesn't cost more to keep a building standing when the landlord pays "nothing". That to me is (Monstu, I need a Quote) "Super....."

It doesn't help that, I may or may not be leaving the Gaz establishment to try and one-up myself in the old career catagory. I'm getting antzy already and am forcing myself to not jinx it as I have with previous institutions. ( I've bitched before it's similar to the old addage "always a bridesmaid never a bride" thing, losing out numerous times to that one other chiach, after a few phone and sitdown interviews, dinners, and fucktons of travel, all for naught ) If I sign a lease I'm landlocked at the Oasis. Should I get a dif job... the commute is going way farther, way more expensive and the wear and tear on the franknsteiner with sooner rather than later be cause for an upgrade. Then again, pay upgrades may far exceed the pitfalls. Hell anything during the day and for a penny more a year and I'd shitcan the paper.

Shady F'in people can kiss my tiny fuzzy white ass. SO, the decision process begins, and will be cut shot just about 4pm on Friday. Ray Ray...4:15 is happy hour @ the Oasis. We may end up just having to piss on the floors

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Kristi said...

Being a landlord at my job I have a couple things to say. Call them and point out the 2 week delay. Tell them you want that extra week to decide. Ask them why the rent increase, you'd love to stay but the increase is pretty hefty. What percentage was it? We've done 2-3% increase for our tenants (I don't agree with it, but it's not my decision). Ask them if they'll do a shorter lease, month to month, 3-6 months. And ask them what your options are if you leave early, can you sublet? Landlords are assholes, but they usually don't like turnover, especially in this market. If I can help at all let me know! Good luck with the new job interview.