Thursday, July 31, 2008

Money (check)

I got word from Toyota Corp that the paperwork is in the mail to get the ball rolling for the recall check. The Frankensteiner is worth a fair amount, it's a healthy piece of machinery thanks to defective steel. That basically means that I've been driving a truck that was costing me $1000/yr to drive minus all the problems that had to be fixed. Now that I think about it.... most of the problems probably stemmed from the fact that the rust was creeping from the frame to the pieces and parts that needed to be replaced.

I let my folks know what I was looking for in a new vehicle and being the calm understanding people that they are went right out and hit up dealers inquiring about deals. There are 5 cardinal rules when searching for a new vehicle that will ultimately screw you in the goatass if you mention them. They were able to effectively nix 6 different dealers from my list of options within the span of 8hrs. They managed to do it in one fell swoop. I love that they're interested in helping, but telling a dealer that someone is going to roll in with a pocket full of loot for a monster downpayment and will have financing through their bank => ready to take the vehicle off the lot, may not be the best way to start a conversation with a sales shark. They poured blood in the water and I don't even have the check yet. There are no negotiations once you take all the guess work out of the salesperson's job. D'oH

Buyer: " Hey I've got money"
Salesperson: "Hhhhmmm, so just how much?"
Buyer: "X amount"
Salesperson: "Riiiight, as luck would have it, we've got a vehicle right over here that is only X+2(3*4)squared, minus the tax title and reg. fees... it's just the ride for you."

I'm now searching in earnest for different dealers in New York that haven't gotten the memo that I'm going to be pseudo-rolling in cash for a week or so.

I'll be in the office for yet another 8 days of working fun so I won't have the option to get out there myself and secure some leads for a new ride. (The New Vehicle & Re-Naming contest for ShaggyBob's Funtruck Booze Cruz Contest is in the works, stay tuned for the Flyer and feel free to put suggestions in the retort section of this blog when it's posted.) Rules and Prizes will be included in the flyer.

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