Monday, July 28, 2008

B-day goodness

Had a great B-day with the fam and the DK LilMac. HAppy 30 Miss Kristi, Happy 31 D and happy belated 33 to this guy. My upcoming work schedule is a bit of a bear so I'll be posting nonsense and whatnots for the better part of the next 14days. I don't think I'll be doing much other than sleeping, eating and working.

Hopefully Bob's Cookin Show will rear its ugly head and I'll post some pics of a new creation. I'm trying to come up with a recipe that isn't too labor intensive that can be made quickly and still tastes like a heavenly mix of meat product and perhaps fruit or nuts. Shaved almonds are always a treat in a hot dish, although I'd like to branch out and some other earthy something or other. I guess there is a farmer in NC that is trying to start a truffle farm. I'm not a truffle guy, but it's good to see that someone in the States would like to try and suppliment the European monopoly. I'd try an American white truffle once, once just once.

And on a different note the pre-press floor at the Gaz has no AC, it's 100 degrees with all the machines pumping out more heat as the evening wears on. It's hot on a good day when the AC is actually kicking out cool air. I can't wait for deadline hours when the machines are up and running to their maximum potential. Luck would have it that I'm the plate guy this evening. I'm in the fray and wearing a wife beater already. If you know know it's not pretty, skeletor is in the house. I've already asked numerous times "which way to the gun show" although it's too hot to illicit a friendly response from anyone. I love this happy horse shit!

I guess you can't see the ultraviolet lights blaring out of these monsters, but you can imagine that it's just hot... The red tops of these plate cleaning machines are hot enough to make an icy cold beverage a luke warm tea. er HOT TEA *Update* I just lost 10lbs and the temp infront of the glass on the machines was measured at 115. Thank you Mr. AC fixer guy with your thermometer and inability to fix the AC. My balls are stuck to my leg.

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Timmy Z said...

happy birthday, bitch!! :-) I'll have to try and roll down sometime. Let me know a good weekend that is not the end of August. I think I'm pretty free till then. Z-Man