Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just in time for the holidays (click Me)

Exclusively not through "...and other things not-so-holy", frankly just a tad odd, although completely alluring....Clothing for sale online. Get your very own lemming suit. They're itchy, sin-less, non-revealing, and tested to make the best of your shot at heaven. Buy a single article and or get 10 depending on your marital status.

*** I kid, I joke, I'm not out to defame religion here at "....and other things not-so-holy" I'm a lemming that dresses in cargo shorts and moosejaw tees- I wear my designer spectacles and drink from the bottled rivers in hell. I shall not be smited... or something even worse....SIN.

You dig the life style, good for you go with it! Share and share alike.

Part of me, just part of me thinks that the fundamental outer clothing is nothing but a tarp, covering for the slinky thigh high black vinyl stelettos, the chokers, feathers, and riding crops. It's a fundamentalist disco party under there. Yoooooooo shakka shakka khan!

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