Sunday, July 6, 2008

Spanky's lounge

The Independence Day celebration at Spanky's Lounge was once again a huge extravaganza. Although I did forget a small portion of my evening, hoping that I wasn't too out of control. When partaking in cocktails that are fruity and come from a blender it would behoove you to drink slowly, and infrequently. They had a delicious concoction called Bongwater that had a strange sedimentary gray look to it. It tasted like nothing I've ever had before with a slight after taste that made you want more immediately. That's where the problem came in, I have no kill switch for teeth hurting sugary fruity cocktails. I was fine imbibing coronas for the better part of the 8hrs at the lounge. After the marvelous jaw rattling fireworks display I had that one last drink before slurring my way to a car for the ride home. What time did I go home? I don't know, who drove the car? I don't know. I do know that once back at my place I dessimated an entire pizza and shot some random text messages and made a few phone calls. It happened to be around 1am, so I must have gotten back just prior to that, me thinks. (My powers of deductive reasoning are amazing, I know. Try not to fault me on that one).

So here I am back at work, doing the mundane GAz work, trying to figure out exactly when or where my 1 lost hour last night went. NO harm no foul I guess, as long as I didn't do something completely idiotic. It'll take a few days for the real story to emerge I'm sure. It always does.


Kristi said...

No harm no foul, as long as you didn't drive your own drunk ass home. Let me tell you Bob, it'd be embarrassing getting your butt kicked by a pregnant woman!:)

Shaggy Bob said...

I don't go anywhere now that I'd have a few too many without actually having a ride home. Gonzo was the DD. For a homegrown 4th of July party 35minutes of serious hardcore fireworks exploding 45ft over head is quite the awesome display.