Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Halloween Costume

It's the time of year once again to brainstorm and come up with a workable Halloween Costume. This year, for the 4th Annual Spanky's Lounge Halloween Party. I have a few ideas, all of which should keep me in the running for the best/funniest costume prize. Last year I won a scented candle (I was more than ecstatic at the thought of having another candle to add to my huUUGE collection.)

At this time I have thoughts of reworking a blast from the past costume Willy Wonka, not the Depp version the Wilder version Snozzzberry.

And then a more indepth costume that would involve wigs, a bunch of robes, comfortable fightin clothes and a new found appreciation for Kung-Fu mastery or at least a bit of ninja type fakery. Hhhhmmmm Drunken Master? yeah.... Uuuun Gah Doo HAh.
Lastly there is the costume that I've been trying to piece together for the better part of 5yrs to no avail. Something that would be fun to wear any random night to a saloon, bar, tavern, alehouse, or pub.

At least I have some time to make the decision. Heck, If I've decided to grow up and stop making smiley faces on my hamburgers with ketchup and mustard, at least I'll be be a kid and dress up for Halloween.

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