Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Long day..long night, as it is periodically in the hurry up and wait realm of Newspaper work. If there happens to be breaking news about, we hurry up and wait for it. Right now and for the next 3hrs I'll be waiting for a baseball score. Not the score persay, but more along the lines of what I have to do after the score so that you all can read about in the paper, or online if you subscribe to the pay portion of our little rag. Don't worry, you can read the story in its entirety on the free site too. I just get to section stuff out so that you can click a mouse and make it look like you're flipping through the pages of a real life virtual newspaper (if that makes any sense). separating and linking stories, labeling things and whatnot. It would be easier to just watch sports center.

I guess when you look at it, burning a Vacation day, and a sick day will get you a few good things. Needed rest, a paycheck sooner in the work week than normal and a shortened work week to boot. And now, owing to the fact that I do at sometimes work 14 or so days without a break. After the burn of two days I have to find time to waste just under 3 more weeks before January. The wedding season is coming up a bit later this year than for the past few. Peeps are getting hitched in late September and October. SO now I have to think about using the rest of the sick/personal/vacation/comp days after the subtraction of 3, of course. 3 will be the number of counting, not 5 nor 2 the number shall be 3. once that 3 have been subtracted I will no longer be able to use those 3. 3.

If you've ever worked in a deadline specific environment you know what I'm saying/inferring when "the pressmen are being vultures" They have deadlines as well, and so do the rural/commercial delivery people. There's one sports guy busting a nut in the adjoining cubicle factory, three of us here in the pre-press, and 20 press guys that already have the presses up and running. Would it be correct to assume that whomever were interested in such a barnburner of a baseball game would be up watching it? And if so, why not make that shit happen and replate it for the morning papers as the updates come in. SO, 20,000 people get the un-updated version of the sports news. Because the sport's monkey is rubbing one out, the print version of mr. home subscriber's paper won't be there on time in the morning and he'll watch sports center then call the Gaz bitching that his morning paper didn't arrive on time. It all starts a slide in the chain of who gets what and who gets it after. Ah F-it, I could use a few more comp hours. What else would I be doing at 4am anyway?

If you dig the sports that's cool, if you don't give a rats ass, you want the rest of the news in a timely fashion. I'm just saying... "I guess I should get a different job, it's nights like these that I remember the really really funny parts in Office Space, things about red Schtaplers"


Kate said...

Happy to see that the Idiocy was properly Idiotic. NTTAWWT, of course. Idiocy has a place.

Shaggy Bob said...

: P