Thursday, July 10, 2008

Iraq, IRAN, Afganistan

The other day Iran announced that they had test fired missiles during an exercise that could deter aggression from The Isreal and The Americans. They also mentioned in the past few weeks that they are digging up to 320,000 graves so that agressors can be layed to rest according to religious belief should they "invade" their country. The US has moved another Carrier Group into the Persian Gulf... Something tells me that the Iranian Navy better not paddle up to these ships and shoot off AK warning shots. Not only that, but... images released have filtered out to the media showing Iran's Might. Step off Georgie Bush, these guys can photoshop the Navy right out from under the Americans. Dun Dun Duh!!!!

I could have done better disguising that shiite, and also could have added myself in the image. I'm not promoting a war on three fronts even if it would connect the three X's and win the game of tic-tac-toe in the Mideast. What actually scares me is that Iran's main military force, is an aging bit of inferior goodness. I'm willing to bet a few bombing runs and a volley from US armour would vaporize them. It's sad. The main battle tank in the US inventory out fires the Iranian counter part by 4 miles. Have you ever played the game Beirut/Beer-Pong? Imagine playing on a table that is shorter in your favor allowing you to lean over and drop the quarter/ ping pong ball into the cup. The Opposing team in the skewed match would have to throw the ball/quarter toward your cups which conveniently move just out of reach prior to each throw falling way short.

I hope our country focuses more on homeland problems than getting into a fist fight with a migit. We don't need it, I don't want not me.

I'm guessing that we probably have until Halloween, or the 1st of November to find out what the current Gov't is really thinking. The the Monkey wipes his hands and retires to Former Pres Bush


Kristi said...

where are you bob? 5 days without a post?

Willem said...

Must've finally returned all those cans.