Tuesday, July 15, 2008

After a weekend away and a sickness that lasted a good 24hrs of death, I'm back at work. I've never been one to promote sleep, but if you can manage to sleep for 24hrs straight... I recommend it. It's just what the body needs to get back in the green. It's not the few libations I had, nor is it the lack of sleep...it could have been the minial food intake, more my fault than the buffets that were available. Or perhaps it the was the perfect storm of them in totality. I'll post some pics of what Miss Kate would deem Idiocy (it's a proper term) tommorrow or Thursday.

I'm traveling this weekend to the North to hopefully meet up with the Bro and Sis inlaw. They gots a baby on the way and I gots a nice little functional suprise that should be just what the doctor ordered to make life a little easier. Then on to Togatown for a little meet up with my B-day Partners in crime. Miss Kristi joins the ranks of the officially not old but moving that way in a slow and positive manner 3.0. Nothing like sitting in the sun hanging out with good company to make the world go 'round.

Congrats to B.Ricks and Mary...they're tying the knot in late October

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