Monday, June 30, 2008

De'la Shane

Mr. Conner is going to be in the area. That's right.... he stopped in at the Oasis, he's going to move to the 'Dirt in a couple of weeks. The Stockade Bower/Conner faction is soon to be in the mix. Happy Hour at the Oasis will be @ 3pm on July 4th, in preparation for the Independence Day extravaganza that is Spanky's Lounge (60's era theme party, BYOBongwater) on Saturday July 5th. 5G's of Fireworks and mixed drinks are suitable extra added goodness... KaPow..oooooo aaaaahhhh! Bring your drankin sandals and tye died best. Free love starts at the line forming to my zipper. (just kidding, I'm still medically induced to Midlife crisis car, the Vette is 4 weeks away.) I may have to get a Members Only Jacket to suppliment the Awesome.

That's NO JOKE chief....

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