Tuesday, June 10, 2008

They're gone

The wee little morsels of baby robin escaped the eventual death that I was going to smote upon their little melons in preparation for a bit of fine dining. They flew the nest today and only one had an issue with a second try. It eventually busted its way out of the jailhouse that is my porch railing and made it to a tree just across the pond. I'm pretty psyched that it made it across the small expanse of water because I wasn't going to force myself to wade through the muck to ferry it to the other side. (It would have been darwinian)

The Frankensteiner is still w/o A/C and the ventilation fan repairs have to wait for another week and a half. Weird thing; it is, prepping to drive just down the road like you were prepping for a hike by hydrating and bringing along an extra set of clothes. I don't sweat like a gym going body builder but I definitely can dribble some salty liquids when sitting in an oven. It looks like the cost of repair for the A/C and the other minor fix-it's will take the funtruck off the roadtrip schedule for a month or so. It's just as well I guess, I've only spent 1 weekend at my place in the last 6 weeks. There's no reason to pay rent if you don't spend time in the place. I should go to a campsite with in a reasonable distance and set up a tent, drop my lease and then find a suitable replacement domicile in Toga-town after the racing season when the inflated prices drop back down to normal. (thoughts flowing around my dome that will never happen I know, but they're there).

Wilby, Tool, and Z, thanks for a crazy weekend. Miss Kate it was great to chill with you and the wee ones for the little time we had a chance.

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