Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday River Pic

I was able to find a pic of the course at Sunday River, it's a view looking back at the 9th Tee boxes over a very intrusive expanse of thunderchunk (a huge gully 45yds, full of debris, boulders, rattle snakes, moose teeth, and the skeletal remains of a small child).

My tee shot landed far to the left of this vantage off a couple trees and in rough that had to be at least 3inches lush and thick, like a shag rug. Lucky for me the Buzzsaw (PW w/ a couple of balancing lead strips) and Mr. Shanky (10.5 TaylorMade boomstick) play well in tandem and I was able to bushwhack a decent approach shot. [that; of course, mysteriously went missing when I know for damn sure it at least clipped the front of the green]

I think Mr. Willem may have a few pics and when he has the opportunity I'll slap them in a post as well.


Kate said...

Yeah, we got pics. They're not all going to be sources of pride, but, well... yeah. I'll post 'em in a day or two.

Shaggy Bob said...


Timmy Z said...

Can you email them to us as well, Kate? Would like to have them for memoirs :-)

Kate said...

They're all up here:

If you click on the thumbnail of the one you want, then click on the little "All sizes" button just above the photo, then choose whichever size you want, you can save it. And scrapbook your little hearts out.