Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oh! The places you won't go!

Fresh off a vacation that was unnervingly long. I sit in my cubicle thanking the powers that be for something to do in the evenings. Although I went a ton of places and met up with people to enjoy company with, I didn't make it to a few stops that I had originally planned and that just sucks. It all started in Boston, ended up in Saratoga, I missed the CT, Great White North connection, made it home to see that the moms is doing just fine w/o a gall bladder. I went out in the 'Dirt one evening to get it out of my system for another year. Postponed buying a new suit... and generally didn't make the best of my time away from the office.

The main reason for missing a few of the stops planned had to do more with logistics. The Frankensteiner is running a bit heavy. It's not on it's way to breaking down, me hopes. But it's just not feeling right. My trip to Bean town unloaded a 1/4 of a paycheck, not counting the extracurricular activities that I was able to indulge in. (that was just the gas). I had to play it safe for the last 2/3rds of my time off. If I was planning on seeing you at somepoint this past week and I didn't make it there, rest assured you've already been put on the top of the list for future visits.

The strangest part of the vacation was that I was able to sit down at various venues and catch a bit of cable television. "That sh*t is crack." Without the tube on a regular basis I'm generally not thinking about shows to watch, what may be on in a couple of days, I don't plan to be infront of the thing at certain times.... 4nights on vaca I was drawn into the stimuli, I enjoyed commercials, watched a bunch of different programs, caught a fight or two. If you've ever seen the movie The Dark Crystal... I felt like a podling getting suck dry of my essence. I'm glad I don't have the thing hooked up at the Oasis. I'd never leave and the specific gravity of my counch would increase exponentially.

I've been at work now for all of 10minutes and have already been asked to work a day this week that isn't normally scheduled. They want me to fill in on Friday evening. [I've already made plans and changing said plans doesn't suit me.] Should it be necessary to change those plans to hold onto my position here at the shop... I'll be leaving the Gaz at 2am Saturday morning, driving 8hrs to ME and playing golf at 10:40am after the trip. Sunday River Golf Club in Newry ME, I can't wait. (Specially if I drive the red-eye, I bet I can get there after only a few misturns in just enough time to tee-off). I don't expect that to happen, [crosses fingers]. When you work for a company with the perpensity to lay people off, especially when that company's product and overall operation are part of a dying breed. (print media is living with a cancerous tumor called the IntAr-webb) There are too many factors involved with making a decision when confronted with the prospect of working on a non-regularly scheduled day. More specifically, when confronted with the obove after 10 days of vacation out of the office.

And on that note, I'm still waiting to get some good news on the museum front, and am diligently planning a personal presentation that is nothing short of stellar. I think; when and if the time comes, I'm officially going to make the call to stop making smiley faces on my hamburgers with ketchup and mustard. "Get a hair cut and get a real job" thanks a heap Thorogood & the Destroyers. The song is caught in my head.

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Willem said...

Sounds like it's time for another flyer.