Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I cleaned out the Frankensteiner today in preperation for the jaunt to a dealership tommorrow. The recall stated whatever condition the vehicle is in given that the rust problem is prevalent enough to warrant the money. I took it to the spray and wash for one last intimate moment. I was caring and thorough. Unfortunately I was a little over zealous for just a second when it came to the undercarriage. (lord knows that cleaning the undercarriage is an important thing, be you male or female) but not so much a good thing when you're prepping to have the truck inspected for rust damage, a good portion of the problem was immediately washed away in a hail storm of oxidized shrapnel. I never imagined that I could drop/throw a pressure washer stick faster and or harder away from my hand and lament the mistake in such a heavyhearted way. It wasn't the frame in totality and I think the rest of the stalagtite-ish rust is still hanging around.

I was a bit saddened by the thought of getting rid of Frank. I purchased it 5yrs ago on Halloween, and for all the trouble and all the headache it's been a Fun ride. I'm still pre-emptively searching for a replacement to carry on ShaggyBob's Funtruck Booze Cruz. (If you haven't been following along, the Booze Cruz doesn't necessarily involve the Booze and it's more of the Cruz to different places across the NorthEast.) I'll be posting a contest flyer with two slots for entries. I'm asking that you submit names for the new vehicle once it's purchased, and a place for a new name for the Cruz. I doubt I'll have another Funtruck to drive around. Basic rules and stipulations will be provided on the flyer and the winner will receive a gift of my choosing that includes but is not limited to, a visitation, a personal showing of Bob's Cookin show, and perhaps the complimentary beverages that go well with the theme of dinner. (Any and all entries that involve the word Jubilee will be considered null and void and tossed on their ass out of the running for the prizes)

I will say that looking for a vehicle on the cusp of Independence Day Sales where 0% financing and getting a shot at snagging a gas incentive card that flat rates $2.99 a gallon for the first 12,000mi. a year for 3yrs isn't unheard of...is pretty F*ck'in awesome.

The search begins in earnest....


Kristi said...

Good luck with the search Bob. Have you figured out what they'll give you for your truck yet?
Now's a good time to buy!

Shaggy Bob said...

Just stopped at one of 5 dealers, I called the rest. I had to schedule an inspection. the earliest of the 5 happens to be at NewCountry in Togatown. ON THE 24TH of July. hurry up and wait. I may catch you guys this weekend.