Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Turning the corner

I was driving behind an SUV today, not really all that fast... when the SUV took a pretty sharp turn and looked as if it was going to tip over. Strange.... we weren't going all that fast I thought to myself. It was a smaller SUV, borderline crossover, it wasn't jacked up at all so I didn't see why it would do such a thing. (this is where I get completely shallow) I followed it trying to ass-ertain why it was leaning still, could the shocks given out? I stopped a few miles down the road at a stop light; something I customarily do when they are red of course. I was in the turning lane next to the SUV. There had to be some lymph / thyroid? problem going on with the dude behind the wheel. He was utterly monsterous, gargantuan, flippin huge. To the point that I couldn't stop staring big. I'm willing to bet that a flatbed low-boy would have buckled under the gravity this guy was producing. He was listening to the same radio station I was listening to and this guy started headbanging....I thought the brakes were going to melt and his SUV would roll out into the oncoming T-bone zone. Instead it held firm and the guy entertained himself in a comfortable in my own skin way. I felt sorry for the wee SUV, but wish I knew the man pancaking it. "My name is mudd....."

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