Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good News / Bad News

Bad News: the AC in the Frankensteiner isn't fixed.
Good news: The mechanic that was going to fix the Frankensteiners AC, put a screw driver through the frame of my truck, thus leading him to not bother with the AC and then telling me that my particular vehicle along with all other Toyota Tacomas '95-'00 have a perpensity to rust out from the frame up due to some sort of defective metalergy. They've been recalled and the Toyota Gods are paying out 1 1/2 times the retail blue book value to people that really don't want their asses to drag on the pavement because of catastrohpic failure. My ass is one of them.

SO, basically I'm now driving an AC-less POS, a $12,000 magic carpet, until I can get to a dealer and turn in my Toyota Badge. Kinda sucks to think that after all the problems, and the head aches, and the spitting and swearing, and the "no brakes" and the "guard rail", and the "WTF my tire fell off", and the 40mph sno-tube ride down Sissonville rd. and the 8 kegs bottoming it out, and the muffler those oh so few 4 times, the baja snow bank explosions, the 375 degree turns on teh black ice in the middle of the adirondacks, parking the front tires in a lake, and the 80,000mi. I put into making it the junker that it is; religiously following the mantra of Shaggybobs Funtruck Booze Cruz, the worlds largest ashtray will soon be defunct....I'm going to miss it. I haven't gotten rid of it yet...but still. That being said, I'm leaving the office and taking my sweet ass time to drive home. At least that will get me another 4:17minutes of time in the Funtruck.

Bob's Cookin Show at the Oasis if you're in the area, shoot me a call if you'll be around.

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