Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Dad Day

The D from the DK Lil Mac connection takes a rip on Windy Hills 6th Tee Box effectively vaporizing a tee and gutting a squirrel. It was a beautiful day for a little small ball.

All proper form aside this is my attempt to knock the dimples out of a golf ball on the 3rd Tee. I did just that playing to my weakness of monster slice to drop the ball on the fairway. (I'm seriously diggin my vampiric pasty white goodness). Tommorrow I blister, a then begin the healing process for 6 evenings at the place of biz.

We both shot some pars, and a bunch of bogeys..with the obligatory snowman & niners. And there was some dueling putters. My pitching wedge is broken and my chips were lacking. But it was definitely goodtimes.

I was traveling back to the office today and was sitting at a red light in Clifton Park next to a 2008 Vette, rumble, hum, rev, rev.....reevvvvvvvv. Vroooooooom, 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear. It took only a split second for this pipe to smoke the frankensteiner off the line. Although I do have to say in a tortoise / hare sorta way that no matter how poorly you're buckling your transmission and wasting rubber. A guy in a slow ass truck will be laughing at you when you go 0 - 35 in 1.0 seconds only to slam on your brakes and wait at the next light. The light that never will be green, ever if traviling in the particular direction we were headed. The third light that the monkey decided to hurry up and wait at was too much. I pulled up next to him...gunned it in neutral a few times and waited for the green. He squawked his tires and did the whole thing again until he slammed on his brakes missing his sidestreet turn. Nothing says my car is badass more than having to turn around in a church bake sale parking lot. The balloons made him look like James Dean. Or is it Jimmy Dean.

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