Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Congrats Rob & Erica

Camphone+dancing+a boat=blur

Since I'm still under the effects of the three day rule following a rockstar weekend of wedding reception and multiple hundreds of dollars in bar tabs, I will leave it up to you for now to imagine the weekend just past, and the crazy antics enjoyed by all whom attended. Take a bunch of fraternity guys, booze them up, put them on a boat, and celebration seems to follow suit. I remember the entire evening, but can't focus to expound.

Snipet: I did however lose all my compatriots after a stint on the dance floor at DJ's Night Club rippin' it up with a gaggle o strange birds. Did you know that ladies will dance with just about anyone, specially if he's wearing a tie, it's 3:30-4am, and he's a jackass complete with the worm and spinning drunken breakdancing "I'm in pain" type movements. Maybe they were just as hammered as I was? I've since erased all the evidence from my cam/video phone to keep their ananimity and not horrify them by posting here under .....and other things not-so-holy. Cus it was just that..... Plus I was removing articles of clothing....... my donkey may have been showing. And didn't remember a name from the bunch so out they go.

That was, by far, overshadowed by a quaint little ceremony and friendly faces celebrating two terrific peeps and their choice to go it together. Congrats again.

After the effects of stupidity wear off, I'm thinking by Thursday. I have to figure out how to content myself with nothing to do for one weekend. Huge pile of laundry neglected the last two months? That could be a safe bet. Oh the horror and shock you may feel when you all read this. "I'm not really into having a few beers this weekend, I'm gonna drink iced tea................... and wear my pink gingham skirt."

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