Thursday, July 26, 2007

So what's a guy to do?

Here it is...MY Birfday, yippie haaaa weeeee..... who cares.{click the link, now it's stuck in your head, hahahahahha} What's a guy to do for his birthday after work when the job ends at 3 in the morning, you ask? I'll tell ya what the guy does.

A.) Leave work
B.) Have a beer at home
C.) Grab the Pole and go fishing
D.) Troll the streets of Schenectadirt looking for the one that got away
E.) Hook the big winner
F.) Pay the Hooker on a Bike
G.) Head home and take a WTF?! did I just do shower with steel wool.


Celebrate with a beer and a good book and read until the sun comes up, same as every night.

I checked my horoscope: Romance has certain potential today, attached lions should find themselves enjoying some tender moments, while singles will be able to enjoy a flirty day. However, interruptions in the form of an overly needy friend or colleague might eat into your spare time!
Horoscopes are BULLSHIT and that makes it a #10 day on a scale of 1-10. (10 being the highest or lowest you pick)

I don't have to wear them often but I think tommorrow is a treat yourself to a new tie day for this guy. A Man's gotta be a sexy bitch every now and then, or the sun shines on a dog's ass every now and then. Suit dry-cleaned check, pimped the shoes check, cut the hair........ that's pretty iffy, hair stays. A man has to have his Samson on "if he's to flirt with a dunkin donuts coffee wench: following the advice of some stupid horoscope" , new tie....soon enough.

I also realized that I'm in a transitionary period, I don't love my job enough to stay for a prolonged period of time, yet haven't figured out exactly what & where it is I need to be. Many different questions pop into my head and I haven't got the answers. Grad School?, Museum Admin, again?, Hermit? S&R Dog Trainer? SmokeJumper? Should I try the Fed Air Marshall thing again?Currently the money isn't great, but it's sustaining me for the time being and I pay my bills. Plus it's wicked easy and has limited responsibility attached to it, no supervisory crap and a great bunch of co-workers. I'm not in the right mind set to look for a new gig, and I have a fair amount of time left in the lease 10months of lease actually. So I guess I fester on it for a bit. I'm kinda thinking of a move....a change of scenery...I've done the West already, I've done the North, perhaps the S.C. round-a-bout Greenville SC. Yeah...looking for a job in Greenville SC that's the ticket.

NOW.... enough of the chit chat. Preparations to bag the hooker on the bike begin. At least a good cam-phone pic for hilarity sake.


Willem said...

Happy Birthday, Bob! Next time I see you I will buy you a celebratory beverage of your choosing.

Sara said...

Happy birthday! I hope you catch something better than a 'Dirt Hooker with your new tie!

moe.L said...

Try Asheville,NC....that place has been calling my name for years...