Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good Idea, Great Idea

Good Idea, invite some folks as the first visitors and "entertaining company" in the new place. Thanks for stopping in Pinto, Jen, Z, Tool,and Denison. [brazed chicken breast, with whitewine and rosemary infused goodness, fresh garlic, red peppers and onion....simmered to falling apart] 74days in the place and one evening of good times. Great idea....packing everybody off to a suprise B-day party and hitting it like rockstars the next day. See Birfday...lower in the cue.

Along with Good times and Great times there come trying times ( and little bits of stress). Apparently having 5 fraternity guys and of course the Miss Jen in my pad was fun, and a little too loud for the downstairs Moldy oldies...they're non-too happy about the entertainment portion of the evening even though we we're respectful as possible with regard to the noise levels. I guess they turned up their hearing aides. Mr. Bigley told me today he was going to mention something to the Landlord about the "raukus" party on Friday, that ended at a respectable 11:30- midnight, when we all decided that it would be beneficial to getting up the next day, to call it an evening.

The rub is.... I've been returning from work at 3am for the 2 months now and walking on pins and needles to trying and not disturb the peeps downstairs( I haven't actually spent an entire weekend at my place for 6 weekends due to traveling). I politely let them know that I would be having guests and that should the occasion arise that it gets too loud for them, they should make the long journey up the 12 steps and knock on my door...at which point the evening disturbance would cease and desist. They never stopped up. One night in 2 months shouldn't be cause for alarm.... heck I didn't even whiz on his door, or toss anyone off the balcony. We weren't jumping around...? how loud can a Pinochle game be? Granted I have stellar hearing and the TV was a bit louder than usual for me.... but not surround sound deafening. Maybe it was the thin doors, I heard Mr. B swearing at his wife just before he approached me just this afternoon.

I hope the Bigleys are calm cool and collected when next we meet, because I love me some jumping up and down and thunderstomping for no reason. I'll even brush my teeth louder if they stop being reasonable people. (I've even considered it from their point of view...which used to be my point of view: when I lived in my first Schnectadirt apt. The upstairs neighbors there were serious thunderstompers, 24/7. It wasn't a one time thing it was constant, I don't have baby crying, and my place is fairly new...the floors don't creak as much, or echo at all. I eventually moved, but had the curtesy to ask them to tone I down a bit...not go directly to the landlord.) Perhaps I'll make a peace offering... or not, who knows when I'll actually have more than a couple people over again.

Good Idea, Great Idea... trying times? F'em, it really shouldn't be an issue I hopes. {welcome to the pseudo-stress of my pathetic existance} little old strangers causing me stress, I can't even come up with something good on my own.

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