Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nothing odd happened

I did some errands this morning around 10am...and fought to keep myself awake. On my retun trip home, I passed a suped up, monster truck tire wearing El Camino, dirt blue and had reb. written all over it. That wasn't so strange...I grew up in Granville NY. As I was looking at said El Camino, I dessimated a small bird with my windshield (no damage to the glass, I'm positive the bird didn't make least with all its feathers). Still not so strange, it's the third bird I've vaporized in as many weeks. When I got home I decided a cup of coffee would do me just fine, the rain had let up so I was sipping coffee on my balcony. By the edge of the hedge row across from my place a lumbering fat bastard of a woodchuck bounded out of the underbrush. Not strange, flora fawna..nature, sipping coffee. Fat woodchuck looked at me, looked around...froze, I didn't move I didn't want to scare him off. He looked toward a tree not to far distant from myself. I looked too. There was another woodchuck slightly smaller just sitting there staring at me. Two woodchucks, staring at me drinking coffee, did they want some? Yes...well at least lumbering slightly larger woodchuck did. Soon after looking to the little one it tore out after it. (I thought gopher/woodchuck fight...this should be good) Turns out big woodchuck wasn't thinking fight. A farly large puff of smoke in the shap of a heart showed the trail he was running. He was thinking "I wants some" and leapt on the smaller presumably female woodchuck and it was on!. Woodchucks humpin'.... now that's not something you see everyday. Nor do you see them playfully rolling around for 20minutes afterward and chasing eachother back and forth in the grass. Odd?! The fact that I watched the entire interaction and was almost late for work. ( SO, Shagz...why are you late for work? "Oh, just some Gopher humpin' .") Is That so? How odd.

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