Tuesday, July 10, 2007


7/10/07 Last year about this time, there was an uproar about Geese infesting Collins Park and making it unsafe for human interaction. It was covered extensively in the Gazette and no doubt will be again this year. The rival publications really didn't care too much about the foul. Goose poo + people wanting to picnic = geese B-Gone. Today marks the first mention of leasing a Border collie to rid the Park of the plague Goo, last year tree huggin people without anything better to do went kayaking in the lake/pond to shoo the birds away [I love me some huggin of trees, I also love me some goose dinner if you catch what I'm thrown'in]......

......""in related news that is infinitely less important and covered by our rival paper 07/10/07"" (double quotes in this case denote severe sarcasm). The TSA was able to pass 5 homemade explosive devices through the Albany International Airport's check in/carry on. (the story even made FARK, there's a link over on the left) Granted they weren't labeled with ACME, and there were no notes alluding to the virtual feast of bomb materials that they put on a platter and sent through without a bite. Once astute checker of safety/make plane ride safe/type person, even asked one of the undercover officials to remove a bottle of water that was placed in plain view next to a mass of wires, and batteries of some sort. Wile E Coyote is salavating. I'm psyched he's a Good Ol Boy.

.....in still better yet, related news, nevermind the above story wasn't even mentioned in the paper I work for. I say G-Damn it..... they have a dog to scare geese out of a pond and that my fine friends make my ass feel safer. Knowing that a "Border Collie" is on the job and geese won't shit in my soda bottle. If a plane happens to blow up 12minutes away and spray wreckage on my apartment I only hope it isn' the blue water.

Maybe I could make the cut this time to become a Federal Air Marshall, and be the guy with the water bottle and mass of kaboom trying to make it through security. I'll even buy me a Border Collie and take'm along for the ride.

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