Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Stepping out of the Norm.

I decided today that, I wanted to try my hand at the lottery, not the vending machine lottery but the Win 4 Life lottery. I scratched diligently and carefully trying to make it a cliffhanger. So slowly I scratched hoping to see a shit-ton of "Win" or a great prize in the prize area.... I should stick to the things that I know. B6 wins me a Lipton Iced Green Tea. it costs just about the same and is twice as refreshing.

I have tommorrow off so I won't have to be here at work, and I'm trying to decide how to celebrate the Independence of Our fine country. I think that I'm going to Commute to the local beer store on my Scooter and buy me some tasty cold British Beers, set a Bush on fire and watch a baseball game with grilled weenies and peanuts.

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