Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The reason for making the cut

I realized just a few minutes ago why I made the cut when thy laid a dozen people off earlier in the month. When shit hits the fan at work and there are deadlines to be met, rips for pages go down, numerous ads need to be fixed,( relinked, run through a few different programs, reworked, resized) editors are barking for photos, systems crash, machines catch fire, the editing I am charged with needs to be finished post haste i.e comics and weather, I miss dinner, and there are only a fraction of the necessary people at work due to sick days and vacation time..... I don't get stressed and barring the few minor almost derogatory outbursts at impatient people who really don't know what the Pre-Press department has to deal with in realtime as opposed to pushing paper and computer keys during the day, life moves on. (My co-workers C and K ripped it up,as well)

We had a minor set back with a Horse Racing insert this evening that basically put us backlogged 3 1/2hrs from the normal easy pace which usually makes working here boring and fantastic at the same time. Two of my co-workers weren't here, and a third was fashionable late. After I flexed, pointed toward the door and asked "which way to the gun show" was I was able to sit down to an awesome meal of vending machine sandwich dinnery goodness at 11:30pm. I usually head out around 8, but that got put on hold. By the time all was back on track...no food places are open around here. I played number b8 in the vending machine lottery and won big.

I hope the rest of the evening I uneventful.


-RwB said...

B8 - B... high row... must be some sort of chips. 8... far right. I've got my money on Sun Chips. The new garden salsa flavor.

Shaggy Bob said...