Sunday, July 8, 2007

Running out of Gas

This past weekend was just as I expected. Unfortunately I didn't get to do all the things I had planned on the agenda. The Friday BAchelor party was fun.... ran into Beuf's Bar. Lost my Credit Card somewhere out on Lake George doing 80mph in the pitch black of night. I felt like a drug was awesome. I'm Pretty sure that a Credit card can't swim seeing as how they don't have arms or legs. Saturday was the furniture move, which started later than expected due to the Hunt for C.C. Red October. IN the the the lake?....most likely. By the time all was said and done couch out, couch in, trailor, recliners, chairs, dressers, in, out, in , out....transported to my place, in, up and done., It was too late and I was shy just about 9hrs of sleep, to attempt the drive to CT. The celebration for Steve and Rachels gettin' hitched 9hrs after the ceremony was alive and kickin when I got a call wondering where the hell I was. When the furniture was loaded and packed into my place and the placement was finished, I had made it three steps closer to the bedroom when the specific gravity of said new couch in my place sucked me in and didn't let go until 3pm today. I have no doubt that should I have tried to drive down to the celebration, they would be peeling me off the side of the road wrapped around a Mack truck...still sleeping gently in a pudding like state somewhere near Poughkeepsie..

First opening I get I have to drive down and apologize in person with Stogies and a few uber expensive bottles of Andre' Cham"pain". ok, ok I'll bring a bottle of Dom...but the case of Andre is less expensive being that it's only 3$ a bottle.

Miss Rachel, Steve.... apologies for my absence.

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