Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Decidedly Minimal, at least it looks that way

....After purchasing 4 hollowcore doors from the Home Despot, mounting the hardware, and applying 22hrs of 15coats of gesso to each, I ended up with the 4 panel blank above. I had thought about covering entire compositon with a mossy green & black/newspaper/wax/thread type abstract dealy perhaps with a bit of chicken wire for texture, but wasn't motivated enough spiritually or monetarily to undertake such a creation. After weeks of deliberation I decided to fall back to my innate leaning toward the minimal.

Here's the final outcome...with plenty of wiggle room for additions should I be moved enough to do so. Installed it measures just over under 8ft wide, as well as just under 7ft tall. I guess it's all relative to installation.

....close up of Panel-3, obviously I have to clean it up a bit. I had to clean the rest of the place and myself with a vengeance, alizarin crimson..and cadmium red don't look too spectacular on the rest of my stuff or my eyebrows.

Lighting in this close up is a better representation of how the piece feels when you stand infront of it. I applied the paint first with a pallet knife and then dry brushed to create the highlights. It still has to dry, and I'll then add some Damar Varnish so that the gloss sticks with it.

I almost lost one panel 1. It didn't look quite right, and I was going to send it to hell with a hammer out of frustration "my measurements were off just enough to not notice" within the grand scheme of things, but I knew...and prior to figuring out how to work the adjustments I had already planned it's demise through pain... I was going to hope that Mr. Destructo Mad was going to liberally smash the crap out of it and pray for a new interesting composition to result. Since they're hollow-core I think the depth would have worked with any luck. Thankfully I pulled the rabbit out of my ass and performed some prestidigitation. ( That's magic using math).

(Edited by Shaggybob, Th. 9/31/07) NOT For SALE! once it's been varnished and cleaned up.. at cost, +plus my usual hourly fee. It's more than I get paid at the Gazette, but that doesn't mean it isn't cheap.

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