Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sweat drops and skeevies

I'm a fan of Subway Subs, they're filling and somewhat tasty...the closest shop is walking distance from the Oasis and when in a hurry to get to work the whole 5min drive away.. I like to know that a sandwich artist will ultimately throw something together so that I may not starve. Most visits I'm waited on by one of the little ladies whom are always pleasent and look me in the eye when I order. (I dig that). Today is a totally different story. In the past I may have mentioned that I enjoy my own cooking more than resturaunt food, more for the obvious reason I know what's in it. I abhor the thought that some expecterant inherantly found it's way into my food either by maliciousness or by chance. I dislike when a server (How's that for PC) chats me up over my food...microscopic mouth particles are flying at that point landing ever so gently on my eats. I don't mind when I can see someone prepare my food... at least I get a peak at the slight chance of narsty landing in the food.

Subway has a new guy working whom isn't morbidly obese, although he's a big guy....I didn't ask him to do the truffle shuffle, I merely was polite enough to ask him to start anew with the order that I placed. He started the first sandwich in the apparently over stuffy Subway Shop standing behind the counter glistening. Once he snagged the freshly baked loaf from the super bread cooker machine, I could see standing perspiration on his forhead. He got right into it and started making the sandwich......*gag, wiped his forehead with his gloved hand*....kept making the sangwich, *snarf, a drip fell on the turkey*. {It was a slo-motion drop that sounded like thunder when it hit the deli slice},..... I politely asked him to think about making a new composition. Sandwich artist sans sweat. He called the manager, the manager was rude to the point of me getting mad. If you know me.....that my friends and readers is something that only happens once in like 4yrs. I quashed the urge to hop the counter, liberate a dropkick into newguy, and start slashing with the blunted bread knives they use, and opted for fury instead. (I used the "Paying Customer" line) I became discombobulated immediately because that's one phrase that happens be a pet peeve of mine. I let the manager have it..ignoring the sweaty guy.... People left with their children, I dropped a few F-bombs and called the reindeer games behind the counter super-bullshit. Manager lady offered me a free which my reply was..... you guessed it "Can I have that without the salty sandwich Artist sweat sauce" Tweak city! They made a new sub and I left without it just for spite.

It was the start of a stressful day, (stressful day for me, not a normal person....If I drop my toothbrush and pick it up with 15inches of my own hair wrapped around it my life is stressful.... not much by way of exciting happens during a regular day for me.) I got to work and the S. was planted at my work station, everything had been moved around and I knew that the system set up; that I work with, was undoubtedly changed. She works part-time and has her own station but It doesn't suit her apparently. On a normal day (twice a week) I'm slightly perturbed and territorial but only end up being displaced for an hour or so. Today it was three hours and I was hungry, fresh off a tiraid lambasting a poor sweaty subway guy and his bitch of a manager. I swallowed my anger like a spoonful of sand and let it be.

Next on tap...road rage on the way home after I get tagged by a tractor trailor. Or I'm driving to the nearest Zoo breaking in and heading straight for the Ostrich corral to knock one of'm out.

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