Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday posts

It's always "great" when you get to work on a regularly scheduled day off. It means that not only are you wasting time being at the place of Biz when you could be out doing something/anything that is more enjoyable, but you also get paid.... time and a half for me makes the day quite lucrative. (borderline real money, although just a bit shy).

After a lack luster day on the job yesturday (also a regularly scheduled day off) I had the opportunity to pick up some supplies from the beer store. here's my Beer and Movie review from last evening/morning.

Heineken draught keg...great novelty item, $20 piss poor tasting beer, and it just doesn't seem as though there is enough beer in the damn thing. 5liters is apparently just enough to satiate thirst for about 2 movies. Or 3hrs which ever comes first.

This is "Ken" we had a heart to heart talk, then I got all Vampire and drank his life's blood. I also had to suppliment a few cousins' blood too. They were a bit smaller that his fatass.

The Draft Keg, doesn't fit in a refrigerator readily, it has plastic parts that could and do break, the beer is super charged and exits said keg with force if you're not paying attention, beer doesn't smell good when it's mixed with carpet, The amount of liquid in novel keg-o-beer is not alot. Save your money and get good beer in bottles. If there had been anyone at my place other than just me and my pal the liquid refreshment would have lasted 15minutes, as it was I was taking my time to finish it. If you throw a party get a real barrel... it would be cheaper. 20 bucks a pop for the Heineken Draft keg, and it's just short of an individuals consumption plateau. Disappointment.

Super quick movie reviews,
Underworld "Evolution" as good as if not a bit better than the first. Bonus Kate Beckinsale in skin tight black shiny vinyl with corset. Complete "1 in 5 material" at it's best.
"Flags of our Fathers", not as good as "Letters from Iwo Jima". It was thoroughly disappointing
"Pan's Labyrinth" it's subtitled and they talk real fast, specially if you've just finished a Heineken Draft keg. I'll have to watch that one again to keep up.

Yeah so working on a Saturday really sucks the old hairy bean bag.

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