Monday, September 17, 2007

Thanks to you

....Here's an image of Tool standing on the Victory side of the Balls of Fury Pong Tourney Table custom made for the event. Tool rose up from the losers bracket to win the whole she-bang. Congrats Toolio. We'll be gunnin' for you at the next Scheduled event.

I'd like to thank Vinnie and Val for a killer time hosting this past weekend. Good Food, folks and fun. It was awesome that you allotted the extra day as well, some people can't get enough beer-pong and it was cool to throw down for the Sunday extravaganza. There was mass foolishness, reindeer games and whatnot, all just harmless fun. Good idea...being safe and responsible adults, bad idea......

......yet still a good idea!

Nothing makes a grown man bust out in an uncontrolled giggle more effectively than a friggin grenade launcher. (<=insert gut laughing.) If we went to College together...that picture should scare the livin hell out of you and make you cry. I still have all my toes, and there was a SAFE-"T" Export present when they let me out of the cage I swear.

There was even a random wildabeast sighting. Something smelled like bologna although it might just be the standard smell inside a Franco, pong, mescal, grilled food goodness, some turkey bird sangwitches, football, baseball, golf, baggo, Two barrels of fun, did I mention that we played beer pong, not the sallypants version the real way to play with paddles and stuff just like back in college. The cookies were good.

more random pics on the way soon....

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