Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Along with the unfortunate side effects of a not so comfortable couch I've also noticed a numbness. This particular numbness started a couple of weeks ago while I was at the weekend getaway in Waltham. I won some cash playing poker on Friday, got my ass handed to me playing Baggo and drinking games on Saturday evening and hadn't realized that falling asleep on a hardwood floor would be much different than when I was in college. Floor, couch, camping out...all the same. I fall asleep where I am and don't really think to care about in what contorted position I may end up. It makes it easier than trying to play cowboys,ninjas,and bears for a spot on a couch if there is limited sleeping arrangements. I gladly opt for the more uncomfortable with the thought that someone else will be sleeping soundly. This specific trip something changed, I realized when I got home that something was amiss, not right if you will. "I slept well" on the floor and didn't care at the time.... aging has finally caught up with me. The big 32, an age when it becomes profoundly evident that hard flat surfaces aren't kind to a body that isn't well cared for. Since the evening in question my right hip is numb, not too sure if there is permanent nerve damage, but I can't feel it, I can feel pressure, but it's numb. It's only an area about size of a pie plate... but it's not cool.

Time to once again re-assess the choices I make with regard to being me and looking out for ye olde bod.

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