Monday, December 4, 2006

ahahahha, no really , AHHAHAHAHAH

Somedays when you get to work there are little things that put a smile on your face. Such as, I was chatting with a photographer whom is pretty, intelligent and not too far off the grounded plane of earth. ( while in the elevator) it turns out that she was just returning from a press conference that occurred for the following reasons.

Early in the day at the SC-GV high school there was a student that decided it would be cool if he mustered the courage to roll into class afater having injested 11.5 Ambien pills. "I've been told that for a normal human being one is enough to make you wear a shiny red hockey helmet and drool on yourself" So needless to say this kid was out of his gord, when asked where he had gotten the prescription pharmacuticals he promptly=> or as the case may be....not so promptly <= reached into his empty pocket and said "they were in here" which the school officials took to mean I need to get you a shiny red hockey helmet and a bib. After much ado, he eventually told the powers that be, that a friend had given him the pills and he put them "In Here" meaning his pocket. The friend was rounded up and asked questions by security personel. He told them he didn't have any more pills. Security guards at high schools being the law enforcement people they dream of being didn't believe a word of and searched his locker and eventually his backpack. "He didn't lie.... there were no more pills, although he did have a hand grenade". Today in gym class we're going to learn the proper throwing technique to create maximum distance between you and a hand held explosive device designed to maim and destroy. "Everyone get out your grenades...HAHAHA Caught you red handed; stupid students, that one gets'em everytime"

At this point I started chuckling and the photographer asked what was so funny... Then I got to tell the story of how I at one point in time had considered being a teacher, then opted for working evenings, which was a great choice cuz I then availed myself to elevator banter with her, and got to hear the story of "Corky and the Live Grenade Garage Band". I doubt very seriously that being able to make 75 turkeys shaped like my hand from cut paper near Thanksgiving is worth the possibility of being in the same vicinity of a teenager with live explosives. I'll do graphics and leave the teaching to people that wear body armor, or want to make the B.I.G B.U.C.K.S.....

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