Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cancelled Party

I decided to cancel the party this past Friday opting for controlled chaos at home. watched a few movies, received drunken phone calls, and basically relaxed. I returned a call, to my friend JD; (=> his message started with B*tch why aren't you out on the town, yadda yadda yadda, You're a P*ssy "complete with techno thumping bass in the background), I basically trying to be funny and get a rise out of'em (paraphrased; if you have a problem I'm ready to discuss it anytime, anywhere pal<= in a pseudo-threatening / sappy way). The bass thumping was, in actuality, an hour away in Toga-town probably on the fourth floor of the City Tavern, where they make you take your hat off, "probably a respect thing", but they serve the same stuff they serve on the other three floors. You pay to have a bouncer tell you to take your hat off and for ear splitting, brown note bass pounding away. It's not a bad joint. Apparently, when he had called me to begin-with, he was using one of his friend's cel phones. I called the number listed on my phone assuming it to be him. So I inadvertantly left a message on said friends phone. His friend then returned a call to me Saturday wondering who the hell I was and what my sorry @ss story was. I must have seemed like a patient, whom skipped his meds and shattered his own reality by looking past the blank TV into a jar of human fingers, until one talked back to him, and told him there was no God, or socks left in the sock drawer. When you wake up from a deep sleep it's tough to explain a situation such as this. I tried...but assumed that I failed miserably. So I guess in short, I still managed to freak someone out. My life works in mysterious ways like that. It starts out as no harm no foul, then gets pushed off the reservation, and out into the badlands. My boots are full of sands ladies and gentlemen...eternally full of sand. I was trying to be good by staying in the fishbowl, and made it to ridiculousness once again. I hope the Holidays work for me.

Saturday I took the day off in preparation for Lil Mac's B-day party, I neither wanted to get up, nor drive hung over...seeing as how 1year little girls dislike the hungover smell of a tired stumbling muttering prick. I spent Saturday all day reading and dozing away until 8pm. Chatted with a lady I know for an hour or so, Got up ate, and back to bed at 1am...I was rested today to say the least. Had coffee, cake, party foods, and Mac smiled at me fleetingly, even gut laughing with a minor bit of prompting from the Moms. that's always a bonus.

I managed to get to the B-day celebration in good spirits and had a ball, If only I could have stayed longer....I'm a fan of Normal family folks now.

It looks like the party will be cancelled for a few weeks to come, I've decided to hang up my rockstar boots and leather jacket again. I'll be concentrating on family and friends...trying to get visits scheduled for the upcoming year. New years resolution planning will commence in 30 seconds.

Done and done..."find head doctor and get meds" I hate those damn fingers talking back to me.

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