Friday, December 8, 2006

Weekends Rule

As of 2:50am Friday morning...PEACE OUT!
Catch you all Sunday at 6pm
continuing until the following Friday at 2:30am
...where upon I'll PEACE OUT! once agian.

Weekend here I come, all the bars are closed down, hookers are freezing, no one I know is awake (unless you count Mugs the drug dealer that hangs out by the dumpster)- and most have to work on the 'morrow. Stores are closed unless you have a brick. Coffee is out of the question, yet so is falling asleep right away when I get home. That means, I'll probably fall asleep at 7am, sleep through my alarm clock at nooner and waste a perfectly good dayoff like I waste everyday that I work. I stopped having cocktails after work...that lead to my brick fish bowl filling with gin and sorrow, well...less sorrow and more gin. It's tough to swim in end up upside down wondering where your life is heading. Over: under, under- over dun. Doctor, Doctor=Doctor;, doctor, Doctor, DOCtor,


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