Tuesday, December 12, 2006


That's messed up, I've just received an email requesting that I remove the Bat Boy images from a previous post prior to legal action. I hope that little fucker tries it..I'll be like "Whatever you're batboy!" Come and get it you little Freak! You want some...Come get some> I'll file yer teeth for ya, hang ya upside down "smack up" myself a Batboy F-in Pinata. Obviously you know where I live you read the Fishbowl thing on the left...and then decided to send an email to the fish bowl... I'm friggin Nocturnal Batty Boooooeeeeeeeey, Anytime, anytime.

"I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast" YES I EAT SHIT FOR BREAKFAST, but only if they're like Bat Boy.

Garlic {check}, big ass friggin bat boy catchin net, {check} parachord to hang said freak, {check}, Easton Black Magic Alumninum 34 inch I gonna bust yer ass whackin stick {Check} Sign on my Apartment Door with BatBoy takin' it from a three legged Goat {check} BAAAAAAHHHH!


Monstu said...

Hey, at least this means that your circulation is big enough for the schmucks who own Bat Boy to have heard about you. Not bad for a two month old blog...

Shaggy Bob said...

True enough, And I really don't want to offend any three legged goats, so if you're out there and are a three legged goat with opposable thumbs and fingers please don't type me hate mail.