Sunday, December 10, 2006


As far as weekends go, I consider myself to be on the tail end of a great one. The long and short of it is that I got to spend time with people that I care about and of course be a rock star. Quick recap for those of you who care and those of you who don't just the same.

Crawling races with a 1yr old
Kids giggling is infectious
I found Waldo & His fiance
Parting Glass food rules, the barmaid is from Ireland and will say "love" to you in an amazingly endearing way while serving you a pint. Thanks Love
A set of 58yr old naked boobies flapped at me while at a pub in Toga-town
I threw up a little in my mouth.
Met a little lady named Ashley, conversations until 4am are great she didn't even "Yipe".
Slept under the stars
Saturday I was awake before Nooner, then slept until 6.
Chatted with McG
It's good to know old friends don't judge you, they just continue being friends even when you lose touch with reality for extrended periods of time.
A and A's house party for a Happy MerryChristMaHanawanza
Good food folks and fun, conversations and details of life's little adventures
White Russians ( or caucasians) The Dude Abides
Winston is a furry fatass 8yr old now

Getting back to work on a Sunday following a great weekend is disheartening.

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