Thursday, December 28, 2006

The weekend count down begins

T-minus 8hrs and counting.

I'm trying to get a schedule ironed out for the upcoming year complete with resolutions, vacation time, visitation rights, new pad, maybe a raise, eating healthy, sleeping less, and generally leading a good life. We'll see if I can snake it out over the next few days. In any event..I'm having a dinner with friends, and relaxing for the weekend, not traveling too far, and making good use of my time. Yippie Ki Aye M-F'ers

I plan on buying a new book Saturday called "The Art of Thinking Sideways"

One of my favorite quotes from this book, which I had the opportunity to look over when living with Brianna in Montana (circa 2001-02 Wow...time flies) was:

"A Man Who Can't Visualize A Horse Galloping On A Tomato, Is An Idiot" ~ Andre Breton, true enough me thinks.

There are a variety of ways that the human mind can see this image, I'm of the mindset that sees a regular sized tomato with a miniature horse galloping around it, not around the equator of the object nor the circumference, but slightly at a diagonal crossing from N.E to S.W. with a little cartoon dust cloud following it. How do you see it in yor minds eye?


Kate said...

Regular-sized tomato, regular-sized horse, in a vain yet admirable attempt to make his own spaghetti sauce.

Monstu said...
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Monstu said...

I have two simultaneous visions. One like Shaggy's (complete with diagonal trajectory) and one like Kate's (although there is no garlic, basil or oregano involved). It makes me worry that my psyche could be described as part Shaggy, part Kate. Please, someone who knows all three of us, tell me it isn’t true!!!

I should also mention that in my visions, both horses have a human rider. A male cowboy complete with Stetson and three day stubble.

Shaggy Bob said...

There's nothing wrong with thinking on a plane, somewhere in the middle of both Kate and Myself, it's the leaning in either direction favoring one of us more that is a problem. ya see, Miss Kate is grounded... I on the other hand haven't the slightest clue as to what the heck is going on in my head, or in the world in general. It's safe to stay midway.

The comments provided were basic observations and not meant to rub anyone the wrong way. They were stated with the utmost respect for all parties involved.

Kate said...

WhatEVER, Bob. If you're out there trying to convince people NOT to imitate me in every possible way, well, then we're going to have to have some words, now, aren't we?

And, er, Monstu, I have to say, I'm far less neurotic than I was in college, so while being like me is probably still a daunting and unnerving experience, it's less so than it once was.

And I made darn good spaghetti sauce for dinner on Sunday night.